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The Secret To Writing Words That Sell For You

Wouldn't it be great, if by the time people reached out to you, they had already sold themselves on your offer?

Is that even possible?


How? ⤵️

Through clear messaging and copy.

What's the difference between messaging and copy, and do you need both? ⤵️

Your messaging is WHAT you talk about while your copy is HOW you talk about it (the words you use, the tone, the style, etc.).

They work together as a team to help you stand out amongst the competition.

Your messaging and your copy are what make you YOU!

And when done well, your words (written or spoken) will do the selling for you!

That means, if you don’t like 1:1 sales calls or going to networking events, you don’t have to do either of those things.

Um, yes, please.

So, how do you write in a way that turns browsers into buyers?

Let’s simplify the process.

Whether you are writing a social media caption, an email, or a blog, you really only need to worry about THREE sections:

1️⃣ HOOK

This piques people’s interest and will prompt them to keep reading. This could be an unpopular opinion (something polarizing), a question you hear often, a shocking (borderline unbelievable) fact, or a statistic.

To figure out if your hook is catchy enough, ask yourself: if I didn’t know anything else about this post, after reading the first line, would I have questions? If the answer is yes, it is catchy!

(Scroll up to the top of this blog to see the hook I used!)

Here are some hook ideas for you:

  • [number] mistakes you’re making in [your niche] (i.e. 5 mistakes you’re making in your online business)

  • the secret to [achieving a relatable goal] (i.e. the secret to bouncing back from burnout)

  • [number] of things you need to know to [accomplish a goal] (i.e. 5 things you need to know to build your business without social media)

2️⃣ BODY

This is where you will relate, educate, engage, enlighten, and/or sell. Break this down into THREE tangible points for your audience.

(Even better if you can solve their problem in 3 steps!)

The rule of 3 states that ideas, characters, thoughts, etc. presented in threes are more effective and more memorable.

If you are writing an email or a blog, you can even bold, underline, or italicize points to highlight importance and help with readability.

Be sure, regardless of the platform, that you include lots of white space to make it easy for the reader to skim.