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linked below are some of the larger projects I've worked on for my clients. to showcase my style and abilities, you will find examples of website builds as well as email and web content I've created.

Email List Building and Nurturing for Stephanie Staneart, Chicago suburbs REALTOR®

Email List Building and Nurturing for Stephanie Staneart, Chicago suburbs REALTOR®

Stephanie came to me wanting to build relationships with her email list and simply be more consistent in communicating with her audience.

As a REALTOR®, Stephanie acknowledged that buying a home is a large investment and requires a lot of time and consideration for most people.

For most first-time homebuyers, the process for buying a home is arduous and unfamiliar, so they really want to partner with someone they trust to walk them through it.

Regularly emailing your list keeps you top of mind and builds trust with your audience over time, which is exactly what Stephanie wanted to accomplish.

I set up her email service provider along with an opt-in page for new people and potential clients to submit their email, so when they joined her list, they were automatically sent a welcome email introducing Stephanie and giving them an idea of what to expect: a weekly newsletter covering all things real estate, productivity, and self care called Real [Estate] Talk Thursdays. You can view the weekly emails here.

The goal was to "do email differently." Stephanie did not want to add clutter to anyone's already-very-full inbox. Rather, she wanted people to look forward to receiving her emails. How did we accomplish this? Through personality-driven, value-based content.

The feedback Stephanie has received has included things like, "I look forward to reading your emails every week," and "They sound just like you!" The best compliment Stephanie said she received was, "I'm not ready to purchase a home just yet, but I will be coming to you when the time is right!"

Website Build, Web Content, and Weekly Web and Email Management for D.Cure, Billboard music artist

Website Build, Web Content, and Weekly Web and Email Management for D.Cure, Billboard music artist

Andrew had built a large following on social media but wanted to protect his business and his income off of the various platforms.

We focused on building a website that would ultimately lead people to join his email list.

Once people were on his list, they would be given exclusive access to any behind-the-scenes updates and early music releases. This gave him the ability to speak directly to his fans rather than him feeling like he was shouting his message to the masses on social media.

We use weekly emails to tell relatable stories, share encouragement, a lesson learned over the previous week, and a content round-up to make it easy for his fans to get his most recent music updates all in one place. The result of this is more peace for Andrew as well as his fans. View the weekly emails here.

Social media is a loud place, and posts get lost in the scroll. Using email has built Andrew's connection with his fans and has increased his Spotify streams and iTunes sales.

Website Build and Content for Sammy Williams Hair and Makeup

Website Build and Content for Sammy Williams Hair and Makeup

Sammy offers bridal hair and makeup, and she came to me wanting to update and simplify her website while streamlining her booking process.

She used words like light, bright, airy, friendly, and comfortable when explaining how she wanted her website to look and feel.

She mentioned that she was getting a lot of the same questions prior to booking, which was creating a lot of back and forth between her and her potential clients. I worked to first create copy that addressed the FAQs she was getting to simplify the booking process. This involved building a story to convey who Sammy is a person and what her values are.

A bride's hair and makeup is one of the most important aspects of her big day (besides marrying the love of her life, of course!). When she is looking to hire a hair and makeup artist for her wedding day, a bride is considering someone who 1) is great at her craft, 2) is able to understand the bride's vision, 3) is able to deliver a beautiful final look, and 4) is able to make the bride feel comfortable and beautiful on a day that is full of nerves and excitement. Her hair and makeup will be captured in photos forever! This decision is not one a bride takes lightly.

Since it is already a big decision for a bride to make, Sammy wanted to make it as easy as possible. I worked to create a website that would help potential clients feel comfortable and confident in Sammy's sweet and outgoing personality as well as in her abilities as an artist, which eliminated most of the back and forth she was experiencing previously.

Website Build for Estes Park Church of Christ

Website Build for Estes Park Church of Christ

Estes Park Church of Christ needed to migrate their website to a new platform when their website platform announced they were sunsetting their hosting capabilities. Being in the beautiful Estes Park of Colorado, the church wanted to reflect the peacefulness of their location and the welcoming environment they have to offer. The site itself needed to be one that was easy to update on their end (we used Squarespace) while being simple and easy to navigate as a visitor. Mission accomplished!

Email Content for Erin DeCuir, LLC

Email Content for Erin DeCuir, LLC

To demonstrate how I communicate with my own audience, I have created a collection of emails to showcase my writing style, tone, and abilities. I use my email content to build relationships with my audience while simultaneously keeping me top of mind. I also offer my audience mental health and wellness strategies specific to business, which is a unique angle that helps me to stand out amongst the competition.

Erin DeCuir

Email and Content Manager

I have been a freelance email and content manager for 7 years.

I currently develop weekly, value-based email newsletters and manage email lists for small business owners to establish them as thought leaders in their space. I also build content into content management systems (i.e. Squarespace and Wix) to create professional and affordable websites for clients.


I work 1:1 with service providers, creative entrepreneurs, TikTok influencers, Instagram personalities, and small business owners.


I have extensive email project management experience (and I’m self taught!), including preparing, composing, and executing email workflows, nurture sequences, automations, and/or journeys within email service providers and CRMs, creating visually appealing templates and landing pages, tracking metrics and KPIs, maintaining email best practices, and ensuring spam regulation compliance (i.e. CAN-SPAM, GDPR).


In addition to my portfolio, to demonstrate my writing tone and style, I have included some specific examples of emails I’ve written to communicate with my own audience HERE.

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