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The Best Way to Build an Email List

We know the importance of building an email list (to protect your business OFF of social media!)… but HOW?!

The most efficient way to do this is to create a JUICY piece of freemium content that is only accessible if that person joins your email list. ‌

This is what’s called a lead magnet (or a freebie!).

A lead magnet is a free (but very high quality!) digital resource like a PDF download (like an eBook or a checklist), an email course, a pre-recorded video training, a quiz, a template, etc. that helps your ideal person to solve a specific problem.

In exchange for the lead magnet, the recipient gives you their email address.

Creating something super valuable that solves a problem for your ideal person is what is going to prompt them to take action, ultimately giving you their email in exchange for the lead magnet.

(People don’t usually want to fork over their email for no reason, so whatever you create needs to be extremely valuable.)

In figuring out what your lead magnet could be, consider a common issue, question, or struggle your ideal person is having that you could solve in 3-5 easy steps.

Giving your audience a quick and easy win via your lead magnet will not only build confidence and momentum within the user, but they will associate you with their progress and their wins!

Some ideas for you:

If you are a real estate agent ➡️ 7 things to avoid after applying for a home loan

If you are a nutritionist ➡️ how to achieve your dream body without ever having to diet again

If you are a copywriter ➡️ 52 weeks of email

If you are a personal trainer ➡️ 20 at-home workouts under 20 minutes

If you are a women’s hormone expert ➡️ your 4-step guide to achieving pain-free periods

Once you’ve created your resource, set up the back-end automation within your email service provider to deliver the lead magnet immediately, and VOILA!

When creating your lead magnet, it’s important that the resource is in alignment with what you specifically offer.

You don’t want to create a resource that has nothing to do with your products or services (i.e. you are an attorney and offer legal contract templates, but your lead magnet is swipe copy for social media captions).

It should make sense to the person opting in that working with you is the next logical step should they want more support moving forward.

My favorite way to deliver a lead magnet is in the form of an email “course”.

Why an email “course”?

Because ⤵️

1️⃣ Not many people offer their lead magnets in this way, so you immediately stand out (no fancy tech or design needed!) ✨

2️⃣ It doesn’t require your audience to download a PDF (one that really just lives and dies in a folder on their desktop) 💀

3️⃣ It acts as a filtering mechanism by bringing the right people into your world (and keeping them around!) while simultaneously filtering out the wrong ones 🐙

4️⃣ It serves a dual purpose of being both a lead magnet and a welcome sequence (this combo saves you time since you're essentially creating one thing!), which gives people a chance to learn from you while getting to know you and your personality 🍭


5️⃣ It gets your audience in the habit of consistently opening emails from you, so your list ends up being full of people who truly love hearing from you 💌

Does the idea of an email "course" have your interest piqued?

If you're curious what this could look like, I created one!

(And I can create one for you, too!)

Access it below!

If you are a service provider, creative entrepreneur, or small business owner who wants to grow a simple, sustainable, and profitable business WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA, grab the free Simply Foundational course to help you do just that!


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