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Tame Your Workaholic Tendencies

Do you struggle to turn your brain off and just rest? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Take it from a recovering workaholic ⤵️ Your brain will always find ways to remind you of a laundry list of things you should be doing instead of spending time with your family, instead of going for a walk with your dog, instead of exercising, instead of sleeping! You get it 🤣 Why not calendar your rest into your schedule just like you do your work? If your brain wants you to check another to-do off its list, make that to-do RESTING! ✅ Prioritizing weekly rest is crucial, not just for work, but for our overall well-being. I have no doubt that, if resting 1-2 (or 3-4!) days each week was a nonnegotiable for us, we would feel less stressed and less overwhelmed (and we'd be more productive, too!). After a few intentional days away from my work (and I take FOUR DAYS off each week ➡️ Friday-Monday), when the start of my work week rolls around, I feel refreshed and motivated to tackle the work ahead, and I always end up getting more done as a result. That feeling of productivity and accomplishment allows me to fully relax and decompress when the time comes, which rejuvenates me all the more! My days off usually look something like: ✨ sleeping late (obviously!) ✨ my coziest pair of sweats ✨ reading Harry Potter ✨ an iced coffee (or two) ✨ a brunch date with my husband ✨ rewatching The Office ✨ a midday nap ✨ a walk outside with my doggo These are a few of my favorite things 😍🎶 What do your days off look like (or what do you want them to look like)? Dream up what your days off could look like then make it happen 👏🏼 Need a rest-day accountability buddy? I'm your girl!

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