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How to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business Without Cold Messaging

Do you ever feel frustrated feeling like the only advice you hear when it comes to your network marketing business is either 1) message 20 people a day OR 2) just share your life and the sales will happen… ?


The truth is that building a network marketing business (without bothering friends and family) can be very SIMPLE!

Follow these 8 simple steps:

1. Get clear on the problem you solve. What struggles have you overcome? What unique knowledge do you now have as a result of going through those experiences? Use that info to help others going through something similar.

2. Figure out WHO you're speaking to. Who is she? What are her biggest struggles and deepest desires? Create content to help her solve a specific problem.

3. Optimize your account to attract the right types of people into your sphere. Make it very clear who you serve, how you help, and what type of content they can expect from you. If you need help optimizing your account, download this free checklist.

4. Create a lead magnet (a free resource like a PDF, training, eBook, email course, etc.) that helps your ideal person solve a specific problem. Collect their email in exchange for the freebie.

5. Create a nurturing email sequence that automatically sends out to those who opt into your email list in exchange for the lead magnet. End the sequence with a specific call-to-action (invite them to join your community group or buy your product). Need help with email? Listen to this podcast.

6. Using educational-/value-based reels and carousel posts, attract your ideal person into your sphere via a solid content strategy (Pro tip: Use a call-to-action in your captions to drive traffic to your lead magnet).

7. Use face-to-cam stories to build relationships and SELL. Share relatable stories that prompt your audience to DM you (relationship building). Be sure to clearly communicate how your offer solves a specific problem (selling).

8. Connect and close in the DMs.

That’s it! I didn’t say this was an overnight solution, but it is simple.

Side note ⤵️

Can we destigmatize the word “sales”?? So many of us envision salespeople to be gross, slimy, pushy, dishonest, etc… Remember Matilda’s dad, the car salesman?!

But at the end of the day, a sales transaction is simply solving a problem for someone 👏🏼 So if you are in sales, that means you have a solution to someone's problem, and that is honest work! Be proud of it! 🥳

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