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email example #1

this email demonstrates my ability to take a complex topic like neuroscience and make it easy to understand and fun to read.

email example #2

this email demonstrates my storytelling ability to connect with and relate to readers.

email example #3

this email shares one of my brand pillars (mental health and wellness) by offering a strategy and actionable next steps for readers.

email example #4

this email offers tangible takeaways and action steps to help the reader solve a specific problem while keeping my unique stance top of mind for readers, which allows me to stand out amongst the competition.

email example #5

this email establishes a unique and polarizing perspective, which increases brand awareness and drives traffic to my email list.

email example #6

this email humanizes my brand by being transparent in my struggles.

email example #7

this email reveals one of my core beliefs, giving readers a glimpse into who I am as a person and how I do business.

writing samples

to demonstrate my writing style

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