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making more sales

  • what to say when someone says "can I have more info?"

  • creating your own sales process unique to you

  • confidently closing the sale

  • effectively handling objections

  • following up to close (without the ick)

  • creating customer loyalty using the 2x2x2 method


business without social media

  • building a business OFF of social media

  • nurturing your audience on autopilot

  • developing an automated marketing system


recruiting 101

  • what to expect during the recruiting process

  • the 5 rules of recruiting

  • recruiting without showing your face on social media


sustainable social media strategies

  • a step-by-step guide to optimizing your instagram for lead generation

  • using reels strategically

  • implementing a sustainable posting strategy, engagement strategy, and repurposing strategy


standing out via content marketing

  • standing out on social media in a way that attracts people to you

  • getting specific in your target audience, niche, and ideal client

  • developing brand pillars unique to you

  • staying organized a month at a time


creating your monthly game plan

  • know exactly what to work on at any given moment


working your business

  • developing a "success" mindset

  • launching your business on social media without cold messaging

  • effectively using face-to-cam video to connect, market, and sell without looking desperate or feeling "salesy"

  • working your business 3 hours a week with a 3-hour schedule work template


done-for-you training system to onboard recruits

  • creating a custom, automated onboarding training system for your new recruits

  • a done-for-you training system to include in your onboarding process


transform the way you do business

you likely got into this industry because you wanted more time with your family, not less. because of that, my goal is to help you take back your time so that you are able to work fewer hours while making more money, and with the right skills and strategy, it can be done!


through a combination of sustainable business practices, mindset shifts, sales skills, and marketing strategy, you will learn the exact framework to build a thriving network marketing business in less time and with ease.

after completing this course, you will have learned how to...

sell ethically and effortlessly

using a plug-and-play formula, learn how to sell your products and opportunity to your current audience (yep, you have people in your current audience that need what you have to offer!) without feeling desperate or salesy.

handle any hesitation, doubt, objection, or question with confidence

using the handling doubts framework, learn how to address and handle any issue to close more sales with ease.

ditch the outdated cold messaging tactics

enjoy more whitespace in your calendar and spend more time with your family doing the things you truly love while your content works for you 24/7, attracting the right types of people into your sphere.

nurture your relationships and build customer loyalty

learn how to create and utilize an evergreen marketing system (one that works for you and without you) OFF social media, so you can build and nurture relationships on auto-pilot.

there is a better, more sustainable way to grow your network marketing business — and I can teach you how!

you CAN build a thriving business you are proud of without wanting to pull your hair out in the process. yes, that’s right! no more bothering friends or family to “take a look” at your opportunity, no more end-of-month hustle, and no more spinning your wheels or scratching your head 🙌🏼

I teach organic sales strategies that you can use on social media (or off!), and I offer an alternative way to market your business that doesn't involve posting to social media at all! if you're ready to do business differently, you're in the right place. no more hustle, no more spamming your social media, and no more icky weirdness. you ready?!

sustainably social

I absolutely LOVED the Sustainably Social course! It was everything I was looking for and never knew I needed. It was easy to follow and implement and made so much sense. I tell everyone about this course and how much it helped me. It is one of the best online courses I've ever taken (and I've taken many)! It was a steal, too! Erin could totally charge way more for it. So much value! And I love that there's a pre-prepped onboarding training for my team, too!! Such a great bonus! If you haven't jumped on board with this course, don't hesitate. It will very likely change your business (and your life) for the better!

Marie Olson

Host of The Simple, Clean Life Podcast

are you tired of doing all the things?

are you tired of the 90-day runs and the 30-day pushes that leave you feeling burned out and frustrated with little to show for your efforts? are you tired of showing up on instagram every day to promote your products and your business only to feel disappointed when you open the app to zero messages waiting for you? are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with the various social media strategies causing you to overanalyze, making you do absolutely nothing? are you tired of being at the mercy of your business, having to be available 1:1 for every little thing and feeling like you couldn’t possibly take a day off without risking your business crumbling? are you tired of hearing that, in order to be successful, you need to be sacrificing more time now so that you can have more time later?

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