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making more sales

  • what to do when someone first inquires

  • creating your own sales process unique to you

  • how to close the sale

  • how to handle objections

  • how to follow up

  • how to create customer loyalty


automating your business

  • how to build your business OFF of social media

  • how to automate your relationship building

  • how to create an evergreen marketing strategy

  • how to create an easy-to-use FREE website


recruiting 101

  • what to expect during the recruiting process

  • the 5 rules of recruiting

  • how to recruit without showing your face on IG

  • how to connect with your dream teamers


sustainable growth on instagram

  • a step-by-step guide to optimizing your IG for lead generation

  • how to use reels strategically

  • how to create a sustainable posting strategy, engagement strategy, and repurposing strategy for IG growth


standing out on instagram

  • how to stand out and get your dream teamers to come to YOU

  • how to narrow down your target audience, niche, and ideal client

  • how to create brand pillars unique to you

  • how to stay organized and plan your posts a month at a time


what's next?

  • creating a monthly game plan

  • income-producing activities


working your business

  • the mindset you need for success

  • how to launch your business on social media without cold messaging

  • how to effectively use IG stories to connect, market, and sell without looking desperate or feeling "salesy"

  • learn how to work your business 3 hours a week with a 3-hour schedule work template


creating your own onboarding program

  • how to create an automated onboarding training system for your new recruits

  • a done-for-you training system to include in your onboarding process


transform the way you do business

Using a combination of sustainable business practices, mindset shifts, sales skills, automated marketing systems, and pull-based social media strategies, you will learn the exact framework to build a thriving network marketing business in less time and with ease. If you are ready to have more clarity and more confidence in your business while increasing your income, you’re in the right place.

You don’t need to be glued to your phone and to your business to see success. Your success lies within your own uniqueness, and you do not have to build a business that looks like anyone else’s. I will help you to tap into your own uniqueness, so you can build a business that feels good to you. Clarity, confidence, and ease are just around the corner!

how you'll feel after this course

sell ethically and effortlessly

using a plug-and-play formula, learn how to sell your products and opportunity to your current audience (yep, you have people in your current audience that need what you have to offer!) without feeling desperate or salesy.

handle any hesitation, doubt, objection, or question with confidence

using the handling doubts framework, learn how to address and handle any issue to close more sales with ease.

ditch the outdated cold messaging tactics

enjoy more whitespace in your calendar and spend more time with your family doing the things you truly love while your content works for you 24/7, attracting the right types of people into your sphere.

nurture your relationships and build customer loyalty

learn how to create and utilize an evergreen marketing system (one that works for you and without you) OFF social media, so you can build and nurture relationships on auto-pilot.

frequently asked questions

my name is Erin, and after 5+ years of being in the industry, I know firsthand what you’re experiencing and how you might be feeling. 

I teach magnetic social media strategies and automated marketing systems to the modern-day network marketer who wants to do business differently and in their own way without the hustle, without bothering friends and family, without looking salesy or desperate, and without having to post every day on social media or go viral. Time to tap into your own uniqueness, so you can step into clarity and confidence to STAND OUT!

there is a better, more sustainable way to grow your network marketing business — and I can teach you how!

You CAN build a thriving business you are proud of without wanting to pull your hair out in the process. Yes, that’s right! No more bothering friends or family to “take a look” at your opportunity, no more end-of-month hustle, and no more spinning your wheels or scratching your head 🙌🏼

I will teach you how to use modern-day, pull-based marketing strategies on the gram that draw people into your sphere without you ever having to DM them your pitch. But that’s not all! You will learn how to create an automated system to increase your number of sales OFF of social media. Not only will this streamline your potential’s journey, but it will streamline your process as well.

I know that you likely got into this industry because you wanted more time with your family, not less. Because of that, my goal is to help you take back your time so that you are able to work fewer hours while making more money, and with the right skills and strategy, it can be done!

sustainably social


are you tired of doing all the things?

Are you tired of the 90-day runs and the 30-day pushes that leave you feeling burned out and frustrated with little to show for your efforts? Are you tired of showing up on Instagram every day to promote your products and your business only to feel disappointed when you open the app to zero messages waiting for you? Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed with the various social media strategies causing you to overanalyze, making you do absolutely nothing? Are you tired of being at the mercy of your business, having to be available 1:1 for every little thing and feeling like you couldn’t possibly take a day off without risking your business crumbling? Are you tired of hearing that, in order to be successful, you need to be sacrificing more time now so that you can have more time later?

"send 20 messages a day... go for no!"
"make a list of 100 friends and family members."
"if they liked your post, pitch them your business."

Omg YES! Loved working with you, Erin! You gave me clarity and direction not just on my niche but also a deeper understanding of how to gain momentum in my business and the bigger picture of putting it all together.

Gaby I.




pay in full


  • access to all modules + video lessons

  • all worksheets, templates, and downloads

  • exclusive community access

  • option to book 1:1 strategy call

  • free mini course “how to create an automated onboarding program” for your recruits

  • a done-for-you training system to include in your onboarding process

  • save $100+

3 monthly payments of


  • access to all modules + video lessons

  • all worksheets, templates, and downloads

  • exclusive community access

6 monthly payments of


  • access to all modules + video lessons

  • all worksheets, templates, and downloads

  • exclusive community access

get started now!

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