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hi! my name is erin, and I am an email writer, designer, and strategist. I help online service providers and creators become the go-to thought leader in their respective space (without social media!). to see if we’d be a good fit to work together, check out my available services.

get the free course for service providers + creators

if you're an online service provider or a creative entrepreneur and are wanting to build a business OFF of social media, this FREE course is a must have! Simply Foundational is my free course that will teach you my exact step-by-step strategy that you can implement to scale your income organically and sustainably.

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join my email community to get marketing and business tips, tricks, and encouragement sent to you every friday morning.

voyage interview

I was recently featured in an online publication! I share all about my email design business, the marketing strategies I use, and what life has been like without social media!

my indefinite social media sabbatical

read more about my reasons for quitting social media and what my life is now like without it.

buy the business habit tracker

tracking your activity and your performance allows you a bird's eye view of whether you are doing the things you need to do consistently enough, and if not, you can adjust accordingly. the way to achieving any goal is being consistent in doing the little things.

amazon storefront

I've linked a few things that I love and that I think will either help make your life easier or better in some way. if you purchase anything through my storefront, I make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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resources for you!

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