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Stephanie came to me wanting to build relationships with her email list and simply be more consistent in communicating with her audience.

As a REALTOR®, Stephanie acknowledged that buying a home is a large investment and requires a lot of time and consideration for most people.

For most first-time homebuyers, the process for buying a home is arduous and unfamiliar, so they really want to partner with someone they trust to walk them through it.

Regularly emailing your list keeps you top of mind and builds trust with your audience over time, which is exactly what Stephanie wanted to accomplish.

I set up her email service provider along with an opt-in page for new people and potential clients to submit their email, so when they joined her list, they were automatically sent a welcome email introducing Stephanie and giving them an idea of what to expect: a weekly newsletter covering all things real estate, productivity, and self care called Real [Estate] Talk Thursdays.

The goal was to "do email differently." Stephanie did not want to add clutter to anyone's already-very-full inbox. Rather, she wanted people to look forward to receiving her emails. How did we accomplish this? Through personality-driven, value-based content.

The feedback Stephanie has received has included things like, "I look forward to reading your emails every week," and "They sound just like you!" The best compliment Stephanie said she received was, "I'm not ready to purchase a home just yet, but I will be coming to you when the time is right!"

Email List Building and Nurturing for Stephanie Staneart, Chicago suburbs REALTOR®

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Email List Building and Nurturing for Stephanie Staneart, Chicago suburbs REALTOR®
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