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Meet and connect with your fellow network marketers here! You now have access to a community of peers who all speak the same language! This members-only community is NOT on Facebook (PTL!), and it's filled with like-minded peers on the same journey as you. There's no complaining, no whining, and no noisy chatter about how hard it is to find success in the industry (because it's not hard when you know the secret to success!). You now have access to new friends and coworkers who truly get it 🥳 Because let's be real: your friends and family love you, but they don't get network marketing 🙃 Now you have access to a group of people who can actually help you because they have been there and truly get what you're going through. Be sure to introduce yourself in the group!


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  • April 3, 2023


  • Erin DeCuir

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