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how you can work with me

there are a few ways we can work together to achieve your goals. I offer VIP copywriting weeks, blog writing and management, and email support. I specialize in done-for-you email marketing and list management, blog writing, and creating/automating email sequences. to see which would best suit your business, click below to view all of the available DFY services.



grab the free course for online service providers

if you're an online service provider and wanting to build a business OFF of social media, this FREE course is a must have! I will teach you my exact step-by-step strategy that you can implement to scale your income organically and sustainably. grab it below!

blogging is the secret sauce to becoming a thought leader in your industry. the good news is you likely already have a few pieces of valuable content floating around on social media that can simply be repurposed and fleshed out into a blog post or two. and don't worry if you don't have previous content. that's what I'm here for! we will get clear on what type of content will best serve your audience, so I can create blogs that speak directly to your ideal client. the goal with these blogs is to 1) establish yourself as the expert, and 2) give your content a place to live forever, so it can continue to be discovered for years to come.

blog writing

are you finally ready to check off that one lingering action item on your to-do list (without you having to be the one who actually does it)? you know, the one that's been there forever? like “create and automate welcome sequence” or “create lead magnet”? it's time, friend! you can choose to have me refresh, revamp, or completely build out one of the following: an automated welcome/nurture email sequence, an email “course” as your lead magnet, 12 value-packed emails to be used as monthly or weekly newsletters, or an evergreen sales email sequence

VIP week

from weekly emails to one-time email sequences, I can help you build know, like, and trust with your audience OFF of social media and WITHOUT you having to be the one that does the writing. I will plan, write, upload, and schedule your emails right into your email service provider! nurturing your audience to build that know, like, and trust is one of the most needle-moving things you can do in your business, and email is the most efficient way to do it. don't have a list yet? not sure which email platform to use? leave it to me!

email support

what if you never had to worry about social media EVER again?

hi! I'm erin, and as an email copywriter and organic marketing strategist, I offer content marketing strategy and implementation to make that dream a reality! I help service providers and creators just like you grow their businesses WITHOUT social media via done-for-you email, blog writing, and automated email sequences.


if I had to guess, I'd say that you are an ambitious woman with a million and one ideas. you want to help hundreds, if not thousands, of people. you want to be seen as an expert and a thought leader in your industry, and you are ready to change the world! BUT HOW?! there is only so much time in the day and your to-do list is a mile-long (with social media being 99% of your list). not to mention, you have a life outside of your business, right?

what if I told you there was a way you could hit those big goals without sacrificing your life in the process (and without being glued to social media)?


would that be something you'd want to hear more about?


I have great news. there is 100% a way to do just that!


and it starts with your copy!

contact me

Thank you!

copy services to grow your business WITHOUT social media

looking to build a simple, sustainable, and profitable business WITHOUT social media? you're in the right place!

"I hate social media, but I need it for my business."

can you relate?

I've got some good news.


you don't NEED social media to have a profitable business.

*cue a sigh of relief*


there is no point in growing a "successful" business if you have to work yourself to the bone, so much so that you have no time or energy to pursue other things that bring you joy.

I mean, really... what good is all the success in the world if at the end of it all, your health is crap, and your family left you because you were ignoring them?! nothing is worth that.


you are more than your business, and you deserve to enjoy your life outside of it!


that is why I do what I do! to help business owners like yourself grow their businesses and take back their time.


you need a salesperson in your business selling for you 24/7/365... and it shouldn't be you!

your messaging and your copy should be doing the heavy lifting for you and without you.


what can this look like?


by the time people reach out to you, they have already sold themselves that they need what you have to offer because of the words you used in your emails, throughout your blogs, on your sales page, etc.


that means, if you don’t like 1:1 sales calls or going to networking events, you don’t have to do either of those things.


um, yes, please! 


"what's the difference between my messaging and my copy, and do I need both?"

your messaging is WHAT you talk about while your copy is HOW you talk about it (the words you use, the tone, the style, etc.).


they work together as a team to help you stand out amongst the competition.


your messaging and your copy are what make you YOU!


and when done well, your words will do the selling for you!


a simple, sustainable, and profitable business without social media!

if it turns out we are a good fit to work together, here's what you can expect:


as part copywriter and part strategist, we’ll work together to refine your messaging and elevate your copy to turn those browsers into people who are screaming, "take my money!" we'll turn your business into a well-oiled machine that is consistently working for you and without you.


how? through simple, effective, evergreen marketing and sales strategies!

we will build a custom strategy that will establish you as a thought leader in your industry while building know, like, and trust with your audience. take a step back from social media while your evergreen blog content and done-for-you emails work for you and without you to build your authority, fill your pipeline with qualified, eager-to-hear-from-you people, and ultimately make more sales… all on autopilot!


you don't have to do this alone, my friend! you can have that life you've been dreaming of and so much more, and it starts with your messaging and your copy!


Erin has such an inspired way of taking my brainstormed ideas to create a fun weekly email that goes out to my clients. I have received so many compliments about how well written, informative, and entertaining the emails are. My clients actually look forward to them each week, and we have a high open rate - I attribute this to Erin’s ability to entertain and write so well! The best compliment I receive is when my clients tell me the emails sound just like me. Little do they know, I have Erin helping me out each week! I will forever be grateful for Erin and the value she truly adds to my business.

Stephanie Staneart

Chicago suburbs REALTOR®
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