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What to Look at Before Switching Network Marketing Companies

There are plenty of valid reasons to consider changing network marketing companies. You might feel a pull to explore other options because:

You've changed.

It could be that you simply aren't aligned with the company, its products, or its culture any longer. This naturally happens as we grow and evolve over time. Your interests have likely changed, and if you aren't passionate about the same things you used to be or you don't believe things you once did, it might be time to look elsewhere. There are so many different opportunities out there that you can have your pick of companies that DO align with you and your values.

Your company has NOT changed.

The industry is constantly changing, and it is not the same as it was ten years, five years, three years, or even one year ago. When a company doesn't make adjustments in accordance with what the market needs, not only does it stagnate the company as a whole, but it makes it extremely challenging for its distributors to find success. Keep in mind that, while companies usually have systems (outdated or not) to onboard new distributors, YOU are the person responsible for that 1:1 support. If your company is not providing the updated resources and training needed to help you with this, you will have a hard time helping others to find success.

If you are thinking about changing companies, here are a few things to look for in your research:


Does the company have systems in place to support you not just during the launch process but throughout the lifetime of your business? What ARE the systems? Does the company and/or your upline offer social media training and support? It's 2022, and if you aren't wanting to go door to door to pitch your opportunity, you need to be on social media.


You can usually feel this out based on just a few interactions your potential upline and/or how they show up on social media. What language does your potential upline use when talking to you or when showing up on social media? Do you feel pressured to make your decision immediately because you feel at risk of missing out on something? It's important that you choose an upline whose beliefs align with yours.


How the compensation plan is structured plays a big part in how leadership shows up in the field. Many compensation plans pay a diminishing % up to maybe a max of eight generations below you. When a comp plan is structured in this way, it's challenging to get help from anyone else in the company (besides your direct upline) simply because your business doesn't directly impact a top leader's. However, there are comp plans out there that pay the same on every level infinite levels deep, meaning it doesn't matter where you land in someone's tree, because your business and your success directly impacts that leader's business, they are much more willing (and even happy!) to help you. Not to mention, comp plans that pay you the same on every level ensures your business will continue to grow for years to come.

Other things to consider when it comes to the compensation plan:

Set base pay ➡️

No average income disclosure statements. What you see should be exactly what you get, so you can budget accordingly month to month.

A debt payoff/retirement program ➡️

The “free” luxury car program is nice, but it is actually not free. It is an allowance that can be taken away if you lose your rank, leaving you to pay that monthly car payment. Look for companies that encourage smart investments and long-term financial health.

The ability to rank advance without recruiting ➡️

You should have the ability to advance in the company without ever recruiting a single person. Look for companies that don't incentivize recruiting and/or building a team more than selling the actual products.

No monthly autoship requirement to stay "active" ➡️

A customer order should qualify you for commissions. The whole point of having a network marketing business is to make MORE money, not spend more money. You should never have to order more products just to make a paycheck.

We’ve been trained to believe that the network marketing industry just is how it is, that all companies are relatively the same in how they operate, but it's just not true. The industry is evolving, and if your company is not changing with the times, it may be time to explore other options.

If you're looking to pivot and make a switch, let's chat! Get more info HERE.