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Things You Can Do to Work Your Network Marketing Business That Don't Involve Cold Messaging

Not sure what you should be doing when you sit down to work your network marketing business?

My go-to is ALWAYS face-to-cam stories on Instagram because it builds so much connection, but you can only do so many of those before you start hitting people over the head 🤣 If you need some ideas for what to talk about on stories, I created some prompts for you here.

Some other needle-moving activities you can choose from when you sit down to work your business (that don't involve cold messaging strangers) are:

🎧 listening to a personal development podcast, watching a mindset training, or reading a personal development and/or business book (here is a link to my Amazon storefront listing my top book recommendations)

📲 engaging on social media through DMs, reacting to IG stories, and/or leaving valuable comments on accounts who have a larger following and a similar target audience (read more about this here)

💌 checking in with your customers, teammates, and/or potentials to ensure they feel cared for

📆 P L A N N I N G when you’re going to post what (I use Trello for planning/organizing!)

⚡️E X E C U T I N G your plan (record, post, etc.)

📝 prepping a team training for practice! Even if you don’t have a team yet, outlining a team training 1) puts you in the frame of mind of a leader, 2) helps you develop new skills, and 3) gives you content to repurpose on other social media platforms 🙌🏼

I suggest rotating through these options day to day/week to week depending on your schedule and find a rhythm that works for you.

The activities that should remain fairly consistent week to week are face-to-cam IG stories (aim for 2x a week) and publishing at least one piece of educational content for your ideal person (a blog, an IG story, a reel, a carousel post, etc.). This consistency builds trust with your audience, and trust builds your business!