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The Missing Piece in Your Network Marketing Business

The biggest mistake I see network marketers make when it comes to social media is they make their entire feed an infomercial for the company they are partnered with or the product they sell.

Here is why that is ineffective:

Sales move at the speed of trust.

People do not care about the company you are partnered with or the product you sell. They are not buying in those things. They are buying into YOU! What this means is they will not join you in business or buy from you unless they know, like, and trust you, and that comes from developing relationships with people.

The good news is you can build great relationships by simply showing your face on your IG stories!

➡️ showing up on your IG stories builds connection 👥

➡️ connections lead to conversations in the DMs 🗣

➡️ conversations foster relationships 👯‍♀️

➡️ relationships build trust 🕺🏻💃🏼

➡️ trust builds your business 📲

Trust is something that is earned over time, so this will take patience and consistency. You cannot expect immediate results from it, so eliminate the need for a sale or a sign-up moving forward. Instead focus on growing a community and nurturing relationships with your followers over anything else. THIS IS LONG GAME, PEOPLE!

The trick to IG stories isn't simply using them to use them. It isn't just re-sharing other people's content or taking a screenshot of your upline's story and reposting it or just posting pictures of your product. This is okay occasionally, but people do not feel connected to those things, and the goal with IG stories is TO CONNECT!

Think about when you watch your favorite Instagrammer's stories. You feel most connected and engaged when they are showing their face and talking on their stories. Why? Because it feels like they are talking to YOU personally, like they are having a conversation with you directly. This builds a solid, relational foundation between you and your community, and again, nurturing relationships is what builds trust, and trust builds your business!

Consider completing a 30-day talking story challenge on Instagram. This doesn't have to be 30 days in a row, but it should be 30 days of showing your face and connecting with people very consistently whether that is 2x a week or 5x a week. This is a great way for you to build confidence while getting into the habit of showing your face regularly. Remember, people will only join you or buy from you if they know, like, and trust you, and showing your face on your stories is the first step in building that trust.

I have created an IG talking story prompt list with forty ideas for you to pull from. You'll notice that the prompts are not all business-related. Remember: people are not buying into your company or your product; they are buying into YOU! These prompts are meant to create conversation and build relationships with people, and that is outside of your company and/or product.

Download the 30-day IG talking story prompts HERE.


1. Caption these!

Most people watch with the sound off and are wanting to watch stories quickly, meaning they are tapping through and/or holding the story down to quickly read the text and moving on. I like to take some extra time to type out my captions rather than utilizing the auto-generated caption feature IG provides, as people are wanting to watch as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the auto-generated caption feature, the text scrolls as the words are said, which is slower and not as efficient for the person watching, so while it is more convenient for the creator, it isn't necessarily what is most convenient for the viewer. Again, the purpose of utilizing IG stories is to connect with your audience, so consider going the extra mile for them with this small gesture.

2. Use engagement tools like polls, quizzes, question boxes, etc.

Instagram loves when people engage with your content, so it will give you a visibility boost if you use these regularly. Fun fact: utilizing polls, quizzes, and question boxes are a great business tool if you are wanting to turn a cold market into a warm market. For example, if you are talking on your stories about a product you offer that helps with sleep and you provide an engagement tool like a poll or a quiz asking your audience if they have sleep issues, and someone votes on that poll, quiz, etc. saying, "yes," you can reach out to them without feeling weird or icky.

3. Avoid these phrases:

  • "Hi, everyone/friends!" Instead, talk to the camera like you're having a 1:1 conversation. We want the person on the other end of the camera to feel connected to us.

  • "I'm just popping on to..." You have a split second to catch someone's attention, so get straight to the point. An alternative to this is saying, "I want to teach/share/tell/show you..." When you offer valuable information that is going to help someone or make someone's life better or easier, you give people a reason to keep listening.

  • "Ignore my kids, my hair, my dirty house, etc." This draws attention away from your message, and chances are people weren't going to have noticed anyways!

4. If at first you don't succeed, try again!

IG stories are not IG lives, meaning if you make a mistake, it is easy to delete and simply rerecord. No one has to know it took you ten tries to get it right!

5. Get on your stories to SERVE others.

Avoid getting on just to check a box. Before you post, ask yourself, "Is this going to be relatable to others or help them in some way?" We want people to run to watch our stories when they see our story bubble pop up because what we have to say is so valuable and so helpful. If we are not adding value and relating to our audience, we can actually train people to tune us out, and that is the opposite of what we want!


Tag me @erin.e.decuir if you decide to participate in a 30-day IG talking story challenge. I can't wait to hear how this grows your business!