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How to Optimize your Instagram for Lead Generation

If you are wanting to grow your network marketing business on Instagram, it is important to optimize your account so that you can attract the right types of people (you’ll need a public account to do this!).

Think about the moment before you decide to follow someone on Instagram.

It is usually because you have found someone who offers helpful and/or valuable information to help you to solve a problem. It isn’t because they are with X company or that they sell Y product. Make your Instagram less about your company and the product you sell and more about the value you can provide to serve your audience.

Here are 11 points to consider when optimizing your Instagram:


Your profile picture should be clear and of you only! There is nothing wrong with having your profile picture be of you and your spouse or you and your dog, but if you are wanting to use IG to build your business, having a clear picture of your face adds a level of personalization and professionalism to set you apart from the masses.


Your IG handle should ideally be your name. You want people to know YOU. If your followers saw you in public, would they call you by your actual name or would they call you @theguthealer, @alifeofpie, @thebusybee, etc.? Remember, you want to build a brand around YOU, not your product or what you offer.


Your bold headline (where your name is located) is searchable, so use this to connect with your ideal customer and/or business partner. For example, if a mom is struggling with their health, they might search health coach for moms. If someone wants to grow their Instagram, they might search IG tips. If someone is newly vegan, they might search vegan recipes. This is capped at 30 characters, and you can only change this twice before IG limits you for two weeks.

4. BIO

Your bio should be clear on exactly how you can help your audience. Even though it is our bio, it isn’t about us at all (and it is definitely not about our company or opportunity). Remember, right before you click the follow button yourself, what questions (even subconsciously) are you asking yourself? Would you follow someone whose bio says:

wife and mom ❤️ pizza lover 🍕 health & fitness 💪🏼 beachbody coach 🤑

OR a bio that looks like:

✨I help women get fit after pregnancy without dieting or restricting.

✨quick recipes

✨20-min at home-workouts

What is the difference between these two? The first is self-serving versus the second is how you will serve your audience.


Your highlights are valuable real estate and should give your audience a quick overview of what they can expect from you (recipes, at-home workouts, mental health, debt payoff, etc.). You’ll want to showcase the value you can add to your audience here, so these shouldn’t only be of your kids, dogs, or your product/opportunity. Remember, to grow a successful, long-term network marketing business, it cannot be about you or your product/opportunity.


Having your IG stories up to date with you talking and showing your face builds trust with your audience. Trust builds your business. When you show your face on your stories, your audience feels like you are talking directly to them. This builds community and relationships, which leads to the know, like, and trust you need to build your business.

Additionally, your IG stories should back up your bio. If you say you help women get out of debt but then you never talk about debt in your stories, that is confusing and misleading to your audience and will break trust. Make sure you are showing up with that service-based mindset


Your last 6 feed posts need to be saveable and/or shareable. Saveable/shareable content is simply content that is helpful, valuable, or relatable so much so that when people see it, they either think, “I’m going to save this to come back to,” or “I have to send this to my friend!” When people share your posts, this gets more eyeballs on your account. Keep in mind though that more eyeballs won’t matter unless your account is optimized. aka they are helpful/valuable or super relatable


Your aesthetic should be cohesive and fluid. It doesn’t need to be picture perfect, but IG is a visual platform first and foremost. Consider utilizing a preset to keep it bright and fluid.


REELS, REELS, REELS! If you are wanting to grow your account, you have to be creating them and creating them consistently.


Consider the balance between the number of followers you have versus the accounts that you follow. If you have 500 followers but you are following 2000 accounts, that demonstrates to your audience that you likely do not have community, that you are simply following to follow. The lower that number is, the more engaged you can be, and you can really focus on community.


Utilize a link in bio tool like Milkshake or Linktree. This is place for you to include free resources for your audience. The more free value you offer, the more trust is built, and the more your business will grow in the long term. Examples of this could be a blog you created with vegan recipes, a link to your Amazon finds, a YouTube video you filmed with advice for newlyweds, a downloadable lead magnet with 3 tips to tackle an oily scalp, etc.

Notice how this isn’t about us putting money in our pockets. It’s about offering a solution (for free) to help your audience solve a problem.

Optimizing your account is a great place to start if you are wanting to grow your network marketing business authentically and organically on social media. Focus on building a personal brand outside of your company, product, opportunity, etc., and prepare to be in this for the long haul. Trust is earned, and it takes time to forge community, but that patience is so worth it!


If you are more visual person, I have created a checklist for you to audit your own account.


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