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How to Make More Sales on Instagram

There is a super simple sequence to making sales on Instagram 💸 It looks something like this:

1️⃣ build your audience

2️⃣ establish trust

3️⃣ make sales

Before the sales come, we have to build an audience and establish trust, and before we can build an audience and establish trust, we have to get people to click FOLLOW!

How to do this? ⬇️

Focus your attention on these FOUR things:


The first thing to note is that people are never following you simply because you are with a specific network marketing company or because you are selling something.

They are following you because you can offer a solution to their problem.

Use your content to consistently solve a specific problem, and when new people come to your account for the first time, that accumulation of content tells them that you are the solution to their problem.


Your bio should be clear on exactly how you are going to serve your audience and what content they can expect from you.

It should NOT be a list of your hobbies and accolades, and it definitely should not be about your company, your rank, or your product.

People don’t care about those things! They just want to know you can help them solve their problem.

Consider using an “I help” or “I teach” statement.

For example: “I help content creators use psychology to market their businesses to go viral and amplify their impact,” or “I teach network marketers how to 10x their businesses without cold messaging.”


Your link in your bio should be a library of free resources to benefit your community and/or help your audience to solve a problem (i.e. blogs, freebies, podcasts, trainings, etc.).

This is not a place for your company link!

If your company link is the first thing people see when they come to your IG, they might assume you are just going to try and sell them something, and you could lose a follower that way.

When you use that link to add free value, the more that potential follower trusts that you can help them to solve their problem.


Your highlights are valuable real estate and should give your potential audience a quick overview of what they can expect from you and how you can help them.

Use these to educate, add value, and connect with them.

Depending on your target audience, this could be recipes, IG tips, at-home workouts, mental health, debt payoff, etc.

Include anything that could make their life better in some way, shape, or form.

Your highlights are NOT the place to pitch your products and/or opportunity.

Remember, we want to demonstrate how our content is going to help them to solve a problem.

Focusing your attention on these few things will get new people to follow you, so you are able to build your audience while simultaneously establishing trust with them.

Build your audience, establish trust, and the sales will inevitably follow!

Always rooting for you!

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