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How to Create an Instagram Bio That Gets You Followers

Want an Instagram bio that actually converts? You're in the right place.

The first question to ask yourself is:

Is my bio clear in how I am going to serve my audience? ➡️ This is why people click “follow” — because you have made it clear that you can solve their problem.

Your bio cannot look like this if you are wanting to grow your account + your business ⬇️

wife and mom ❤️

pizza lover 🍕

just trying my best to be my best 💪🏻

health + fitness 🏋🏼‍♀️

This makes it all about YOU (and people don’t care about us 🙃). They care if we can help them and/or solve their problem!

Next, consider these things:

📲 BOLD HEADLINE: Your bold headline is where your name is located. This is searchable, so you’ll want to use this to connect with your ideal customer and/or business partner. People have turned to IG to seek out solutions to problems and answers to questions. When people search specific keywords like “infertility,” “sobriety,” “fitness coach for moms,” "women's hormone health," if you have those keywords in your bold headline, your account will pop up!

📲 BIO: Your bio should be clear on exactly how you are going to serve your audience and what content they can expect for you. It should NOT be a list of your hobbies and accolades, and it definitely should not be about your company, your rank, or your product. People don’t care about those things! They just want to know you can help them solve their problem.

📲 CTA: Give people a strong call to action. You wouldn’t invite someone over to your house and not tell them where to put their stuff or how to serve themselves food or where the bathroom is, right? Your IG is like your house! You need to show them where the bathroom is aka tell them what you want them to do next.

📲 LINK IN BIO: Your link in your bio should be a library of free resources to benefit your community and/or help your audience to solve a problem (i.e. blogs, freebies, youtube videos, trainings, etc.). This is not a place for your company link. The more free value you can give to your community, the more trust you can build, and that trust builds your business long-term.

Still stuck? Download the free checklist to audit your own account here.