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5 Reasons No One is Joining Your Network Marketing Team

Are you struggling to recruit people to join your network marketing team? If you haven’t read my blog post, The 5 Rules of Recruiting, be sure to do that. You’ll learn how to keep your funnel full and your pipeline plentiful!

If you’re struggling to recruit people to your team, here are some reasons why that could be (and what you can do about it):

1. Your social media looks like an infomercial.

You've got product photos and company graphics plastered all over your feed. People come to your account for the first time and immediately think that you're going to try and sell them something. Turn down your promotion and turn up your personality! Rather than being a walking company/product billboard, let people get to know who you are and how you can help them.

2. You’re not talking about your offer.

You shy away from sharing because you're worried about what your aunt Debbie Sue or cousin Sally Mae is going to say. Trust me when I tell you that their opinions don’t matter (and they definitely don’t pay your bills!). While your friends + family are not your ideal customer, there are people in your current audience who really do need what you have to offer. When you don't share, you do those people a disservice. When you get on your IG stories to share your offer, imagine one specific person that truly needs what you have. Talk to him/her and forget everyone else!

3. You’re inconsistent.

You rarely post, and if you do post, it's because you feel like that's what you should be doing. You have no plan, and you are only sharing look-at-me content rather than learn-from-me content. Look-at-me content is all about you and your life (not saying this type of content is bad in small doses) while learn-from-me content helps your audience to solve a specific problem. When you show up consistently, you’re letting your followers know that they can count on you, that you are not going to disappear on them. This builds trust and credibility with your audience, which builds your business. Create (and stick with!) a posting schedule that works for you, even if that means just posting once a week.

4. You’re a copycat.

Rather than leaning into your own uniqueness, you’re copying what your upline/sideline/downline is doing. Each of us had something called our “tilt.” Our tilt is what makes each of us unique. It comes from having experienced life differently than the person next to us, and because of this, that means we each have something unduplicatable, special, and unique to offer the world. You are the only you out there, so don't be afraid to show up exactly as you are. There are people out there who need you to be you. Stop trying to copy everyone else – just be yourself!

5. You’re pushy.

The second someone shows interest, you start salivating at the mouth. Put some ice on it! While you cannot control or rush someone's sense of timing, you can control how consistently you show up on social media to nudge them in the right direction. Rather than putting pressure on someone to make a purchase, allow people the freedom to come to their own decisions in their own time. Not only will you eventually make the sale, but you will also have a loyal customer/teammate for life because it was THEIR decision. If you are in the business of convincing people to join you, you will be in the business of convincing people to stay (and that is never fun!). By giving people that space and freedom to come to their own decisions, it ends up being a win-win for everyone in the long run!

Change up a few of these things moving forward, and I bet recruiting gets a lot easier and way more fun!

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