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4 Places You Can Automate in Your Network Marketing Business

Raise your hand if you are tired of feeling at the mercy of your network marketing business and you are ready to take back your time, your life, and your schedule WITHOUT losing income.

If that describes you then it might be time to create an automated system that runs in your absence. Because let's be honest here: you can only trade so many hours of your time before you cap out.

The good news is there are plenty of areas in your business you can automate.

The beauty here is that you create the system ONCE, and it works for you forever and ever (without you needing to be present 1:1 for every little thing).

Here are four places you can automate in your network marketing business:

1. Lead Generation

Create a value-packed lead magnet (a free resource like a PDF, training, eBook, email course, etc.) that helps your ideal person solve a specific problem.

Start driving all your traffic to that one piece of content. You can “advertise” this through Pinterest or even through a paid IG ad (I’d recommend charging $9 or a smaller fee for the lead magnet to help cover your ad spend).

Collect the prospect's email in exchange for the freebie/lead magnet.

When the prospect opts into your email list to receive the lead magnet, they will automatically get subscribed to an evergreen, dripped email sequence (3-5 emails that you create in advance to send out automatically at whatever interval or frequency you predetermine).

Use this email sequence to educate, nurture, and add value, and end the sequence with a specific call-to-action (inviting them to join your community group, booking a call, or buying your product).

2. Sales and Marketing

Once someone opts into your lead magnet, you have secured their email! Congrats! You can use this to sell and market to them.

Here's an example of a sales email sequence:

Email #1: Lead magnet

Email #2: Introduce yourself

Email #3: Answer FAQs

Email #4: Speak to pain points + relate with a personal story

Email #5: Tips + tricks to solve xyz

Email #6: Link to book a call with you

Email #7: Valuable repurposed social media post solving a problem

Email #8: Testimonials

Email #9: Special offer (free/discounted enrollment, welcome goodie bag, free product, etc.)

Email #10: Final reminder of special offer + link to book a call

3. Onboarding

To automate your onboarding, create a video training series that drips out week by week through text, email, or a course hosting platform.

I recommend using Loom to record your trainings, and if you are going to be sending out your trainings via text, Project Broadcast is a great tool (use code erindecuir for 500 additional credits). If you’d rather use email, I suggest Mailchimp, and if you’re going to use a course hosting platform, I recommend Podia.

4. Social Media

Plan out and batch your content (reels, static posts, carousels, even IG stories). The best planning tool I could recommend is TRELLO. It is a free platform where you can plan all your posts, their captions, save audios, cover photos, carousels, graphics, etc. It keeps it all organized and in one place.

Schedule your posts to automatically post for you using Later, Planoly, or Meta Business Suite.

Maybe you don’t want to be on social media at all. As long as you have a way to generate leads (whether that is Pinterest, referrals, or paid ads) and a system to nurture and sell your offer (like a sales funnel and/or an evergreen email sequence), you really don’t need to be on social media!

If you truly want more time freedom in your business, you need SYSTEMS ✨ Automated systems are the answer to growing your business while still protecting your mental health.

P.S. I teach all of this in my Sustainably Social course 🤩

Disclaimer: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. I only feature things I use and truly love. Thanks for your support.